About Us

The National School of Healthcare Science is an important part of the new system for healthcare science training established through Modernising Scientific Careers. This new system was set up to ensure that patients benefit from the scientific and technical advances by ensuring that healthcare science staff have the knowledge and skills to put these advances into practice.

The role of the National School is to be:

  • supporting trainees through their courses, ensuring they enjoy high standards of education and training, clear and fair assessment of their work and appropriate professional recognition of their competency at the end of their course
  • supporting departments and staff providing training including supporting training capacity, rotational & specialist clinical placements
  • maintaining consistency and standards through ongoing quality assurance of training courses and overseeing a national system of assessment
  • providing co-ordination and advice across healthcare science working with the professional, NHS and government bodies throughout the UK to ensure a clear, common and consistent approach to healthcare science training