The Academy for Healthcare Science

The Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) is a UK wide organisation bringing together a diverse and specialised scientific community working within the National Health Service (NHS) and other associated organisations (e.g. the Health Protection Agency, NHS Blood and Transplant), Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI) and the academic and independent healthcare sector.
The AHCS was established as a joint initiative of the UK Health Departments and the professional bodies for healthcare science. Initial funding for the organisation in 2011/12 was received from Department of Health England to establish the governance arrangements for the organisation. For 2012/13 the AHCS was commissioned and funded by Department of Health England to undertake key projects including:

• supporting the development of consistent regulation for the healthcare science workforce;
• establishing accredited voluntary registers; and
• implementing a system to assess equivalence with the outcomes of formalised training programmes.

Future funding for the organisation will be drawn from fees charged for certification and assessments for equivalence as well as continued project based funding from the health and social care systems for specific initiatives, such as providing advice and guidance on healthcare science issues.

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