Frequently Asked Questions - HSST-Specific

There is currently no provision for HSST students to upload GSP content. These modules are currently under consultation. If they are added to the HSST Curriculum, all students will be notified via the email address associated with the School. Until then, and where appropriate evidence of GSP can be referenced, please use the Reflective Log and those WPBAs where the evidence is relevant.

This is something that should be discussed with your HSST supervisor. OLAT for HSST Students is a repository for evidence; it is for you and your HSST supervisor to agree that a piece of evidence/report is relevant to multiple competencies or assessments, in which case it can be loaded onto OLAT against those competencies or loaded against one competency, and then reference made to it for the other competencies. In HSST it would be anticipated that a project report or evidence would satisfy a number of competencies. Good practice is to include, at the beginning of the document, the list of competencies to which it refers.

Competencies should only be marked and accepted after all evidence has been uploaded. To this end, the School recommends discussing with your supervisor each item of evidence. When both you and your supervisor agree it is of a suitable standard, the evidence should be added to the competency, however you should not send the competency for review. Rather, leave the competency in Draft mode, so you can add further evidence as your studies progress. Only after all evidence has been agreed with your supervisor beforehand, and added to the competency, should it be sent for review. The School is aware this is an issue inherent to the OLAT and appreciate it is not the most ideal way to review competencies, though we anticipate a fix within one year.